Vital 바이탈 엑스트라 골드 알부민 1500 mg 200 캡슐

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About the product

  • More Energy, Great to Maintain Overall Health

Product Description

As a source of energy: Taking Albumin with more slow-release complex carbohydrates will

give you more energy throughout the day.

As a daily supplement: Albumin helps maintain your overall health and avoid malnutrition.



하루 한알 또는 두알씩 섭취하시면 됩니다.

한 캡슐당 1500 mg 알부민 컴플렉스가 함유 되어있습니다.

Each Softgel of Vital Super Albumin (Gold) contains:
Pure Albumin 1000 mg
Royal Jelly 250 mg
Bee pollen 125 mg
Bee Propolis 125 mg
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