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High Potency Energy Formula with Antioxidants Proprietary Liver Formula
Doctor formulated Uruso is the most sophisticated and comprehensive multivitamin of its kind. It has been reformulated for the 21st century based upon new scientific research.
It is specifically designed to support virility and stamina, physical and sexual potency, and to relieve fatigue. It has an anti-aging effect on your skin with a proprietary blend of the glandular gall bladder concentrate and adrenal gland powder.
Uruso also provides high levels of the antioxidant vitamins and minerals (A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium) and fulfills men’s specific requirements by providing extra amounts of B vitamins which are essential to convert food into energy. The Adrenal gland powder boosts vigor and immune functions and gall bladder (from Ox Bile) concentrate has reported liver virility enhancing effects.
The added liver concentrate supplies Intrinsic Factor that is needed for the absorption and bio-availability of vitamin B12 which is required for the proper function and development of blood cells, the brain, nerve cells and energy production. Uruso is a scientifically validated proprietary formulation that was designed by a well respected and published US doctor and research scientist.

Excerpt from Schweizz Vita website

Consume two softgels each after meal twice daily.

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