[Gelbio] Mild Vitamin C 중립산성 비타민 C 500 capsules

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Product Name
GELBIO [Gel BIO] Mild Vitamin C 1500mg Kosher Certified Vitamin C + Calcium – 500 caps
Product Code: PROD390107783
Product Information

Kosher Certified (Kosher UKD-ID OUV3-7498B86) Vitamin C – Manufactured in USA

Premium quality, High concentration Vitamin C (1500mg per serving)

Acidity(Ph level) of vitamin C reduced to neutral – Gentle on stomach even consumed at empty stomach

Better than Chewables and Tablets – Consuming chewable Vitamin C means to unnecessarily consume sweeteners and flavors in order for it to taste better. Tablets take longer to be digested and absorbed to the body than powder

Value with Quality – 500 capsules per bottle

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